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#TBT Instagram Hashtags – Do they even work?

1st August 2019

According to stats, did you know:

An Instagram post with at least one hashtag averages 12.6% more engagement than a post with no hashtags.

Be in the moment with Instagram #Hashtags

Earlier this year Instagram recently made a change to its algorithm, allowing users to follow specific hashtags. Stories and posts that use the hashtag featured in a user’s newsfeed alongside the content they already follow. 

With the inclusion of hashtags into the user’s feed, brands will be able to significantly expand their organic reach. The key to proper hashtag marketing is to provide authentic posts and relevant topics to the hashtag. Brands that successfully conduct their own branded hashtag campaign will see their reach expand under the new update and be able to monitor the conversation. 

Influencer marketing will become more competitive and narrow on the platform after this update. With the hashtag follow feature, users can now view posts from brands and people without following them. 

With increased organic reach from a hashtag campaign, influencers could also significantly increase their follower base by reaching new customers. This places special emphasis on creating quality content so you’re not ignored and remain a valuable part of the conversation.

Top 10 Hashtags on Instagram right now are: 

If you thought you escaped them by using video, think again. You’ll still need to depend on keywords with behind the scene tactics to help the search engines find you. 

First, make sure to post your videos on your own website. Then when you upload your videos, enable embedding to increase the chances of receiving inbound marketing links.

Another big part of discoverability for video content lies in the steps taken when uploading videos. Tags tell your audience what your video is about in broad terms. Incorporate keywords that will be natural in a search and don’t try to jam too many in always put the highest demand keywords first when creating your tags.



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