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It’s not about you!

15th July 2019

It couldn’t be simpler really, but many business owners and employees forget about the end goal: you are selling something to a customer.

You are not your customer 

Many get caught up in everything else, then start marketing themselves rather than marketing the business. This happens all the time and once you’ve seen this, irritatingly you’ll probably see it more and more.

It’s not about who you are or what you do

It’s about your clients, customers, and potential buyers. How can you help customers be more successful? How can you solve their problems?

In my experience, spending a lot of time talking about how great you are or even worse we have a better service than our competition. Trust me this is not going to help you win any new business.

Really all they want is all the right noises that they are doing the right thing and you agree with them, a real good ego boost – but this does nothing in business, if anything it clouds your judgment of why you actually started the business.

A better approach is to be customer-focused and shows customers how you will meet their needs.

Customers want to hear about what’s relevant to them. That means you should determine how your product or service can help potential customers and then show them how you can make their lives better.



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